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O’DESIGN signs a new bookstore concept in 1000 square meters for DECITRE at Lyon Confluence.

The project started with the brand’s strategic reflections and questioning of the place of real books in a contemporary bookstore that looks towards the future : how to make the merchandise attractive, optimize circulation and bring energy to a space while promoting the fundamental values of a store with a strong local identity ?

In keeping with contemporary cultural spaces, Véronique Laurent intentionally left the walls and 6-meter high ceiling of the 1000 square meter space raw. On the ground, the solid oak floor evokes a place full of history and a library mood … Outside, dormer windows let in light and help redefine the bookstore’s perimeters. The huge, imposing space has a strong personality yet is extremely welcoming.

The Decitre team were seduced by Véronique Laurent’s idea to create “living” areas that would interact with the books presented : spaces have been conceived for meeting people, young people, Arts & Design and digital technologies …

The discreet furniture, all designed by Véronique Laurent, was conceived to highlight various elements – new items, current events, special focuses – while her efficient signage guides visitors to the stainless steel shelves, lecterns or original tables with asymmetric feet.


Conception, layout, furniture design

April 2012,
Decitre’s 1st new store
in 1000 square meters